Who We Are

The Genesis

Centre For Development Alternatives (CFDA) is born out of a commitment by a group of professionals, primarily belong to Social Sector towards “constructive participation to Social Change”.

CFDA was established on 1st February 1990. It is a registered Society under the Tamil Nadu State Societies Registration Act 1975. It is recognized as a Charity/Non-Profit Organization under Sec12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. CFDA is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs under the FCRA. CFDA is a member of Guide star India and BIGTECH.in.

CFDA has grown from a field based organization to a consulting organization. CFDA plans to scale up its activities based on the Strategic plan developed by the volunteers from IBM Corporation.

Our Organization

CFDA has a two-tier Organizational Structure. The General Body, with fourteen vibrant members gives overall policy direction, and a seven member Executive Committee takes care of the Administration. There are five Women in the General Body.

CFDA’s core staff team consists of four members. Three of them are Women. The team is led by Mr.R.Jayachandran, who is an acclaimed trainer and consultant in the Social sector. In addition, CFDA outsources experts based on needs.

CFDA strongly believes in People’s power, knowledge and participation and such Promotion of Community Based Organizations and Building their Capacities for Self-Management continues to be the hall mark of all the field activities.

Our Mission

Facilitating the development process benefiting the marginalized by providing capacity building inputs and supportive services.

Our Vision

‘Creating alternative institutions for the empowerment of women’ is the vision.